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Hello Swifts! 


I hope you have all had a super weekend in the sunshine! It's been lovely to see that some of you have taken up new skills over the last couple of weeks. One of you has even begun learning how to paddleboard! 


You have only one more week of Year 2 to go... so this week we're going to focus on the transition into Year 3. There is a transition activity booklet to complete where you get to create a information fact file all about you. Your new Year 3 teachers would love to learn more about you! 


The Blue Peter badge this week is the 'Blue' Badge! You could create a 'happy space' indoors or outdoors at home, create a 'happy' jar with lots of wonderful memories or even write a lovely letter to a friend or family member. 


Well done for all you have achieved whilst you have been learning at home. You should feel really proud of how well you have done during this unusual time. We are looking forward to seeing you all back at school after the holidays! 


I hope that you all have a wonderful summer holiday and enjoy some great family adventures! 


Take care and stay safe, 


Mrs Griffiths :) 

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