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I hope that you all had a lovely weekend.  

Now I have got my head around the technology - and had the chance to do some filming - we are now in a position to start our new Topic on Deserts.  All of our work is based around the book Holes by Louis Sachar.

All English lessons have been filmed along with videos of me reading the story.  

I will email the links of videos directly to you rather than posting them online.

So..this week you will .....

- discover what Camp Green Lake is actually like and write your own setting description.

- Find out why Stanley was sent there.

-Write a persuasive speech about whether or not you think he should be sent to Camp Green Lake.

-Complete some perspective art.

-Continue our work on Light with a lesson on shadows.


Of course, let's not forget 30 Days Wild.


I hope that you enjoy the book. Holes is my favourite story!


Mr Griffiths