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Hello Swifts! 


I hope you have all had a great week! It has been lovely to hear that so many of you have been really inspired by the 30 days wild activities and have been creating lots of different things out of natural materials in your own gardens. I've also been very impressed by your brilliant step by step aeroplane drawings too - keep up the super work! 


I hope you have really enjoyed learning all about the history of aeroplanes. We are going to continue with our theme of transport and for this week we will be looking at how bicycles have changed over time. This week you could learn how to draw a bicycle in a step by step guide or why not make an observational drawing of your own bike? You could even design your own bike for the future - I wonder what it would look like? What features might it have? What could it be used for? You can decide! 


It would be great to see any photos of you out and about on your own bikes exploring the great outdoors!


Please find the timetable attached below and remember to just do as much as you can manage as a family. 


Have a great week! 


Mrs Griffiths :) 


Suggested Weekly Timetable