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It is lovely having all our children back at school, please can we ask all parents to make sure that you know your allocated drop off and pick up times - Check out our virtual tour under our School




I hope that you have all had a great week as things - very slowly - begin to return to normal.  It has been the weirdest half term that I can ever remember so to produce the great work that you have has been amazing.  You should all be so proud of everything that you have done!

To finish the half term we will do some more on our mini-topic: The Ancient Egyptians.  

Hopefully, you will find something that you enjoy...

There is...

- A chance to find out all about Tutankhamen.

- Portrait art

- More on mummification.

-The chance to make your own Canopic Jars.


Hopefully, you will find something that looks enjoyable!

Missing you all...


Mr Griffiths

Suggested timetable

Great Home Learning from last week