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I hope that everyone at home had a great week.  It's been great to hear that you have been enjoying Holes as much as we have in school.  Year 6 got the chance to dig a hole just like Stanley! They complained - a lot.


This week we will be continuing our journey through the book. We will find out about some of Stanley's ancestors and why Madame Zeroni cursed Elya Yelnats and all of his descendants.We'll also find out more about the Yellow Spotted Lizard before producing a report on them.

30 Days Wild has remained popular.  There has been some great photos of outdoor learning - keep them coming in.


The timetable for this week is below.  Do the tasks that interest you most.


Just like last week, I will send video links to the online lessons - some will arrive after school on Monday as we had a power cut on Friday!


Hope that you have a great week,


Mr Griffiths

Suggested Timetable for the week