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All About Me! 25.09.20

All About Me!

We have had a wonderful time learning this week! We have been learning about ourselves and have enjoyed lots of birthday themed activities too! The children have painted self-portraits of themselves which are fabulous!


We have been playing phonics games each day and the children have met a new addition to our class - Fred the Frog! Fred is a very fun new member of our class, he is going to help us learn to read and write. Fred only talks in sound talk which will really help us in our learning to hear all of the sounds in words. 


We have been very busy making play dough this week to be able to start our 'Dough Disco' next week! The children will each have their own tub of dough and will use the dough to help make their fingers strong which will help them with their writing!


We have introduced our house points to the children this week. They are all in a colour team and will be earning house points for being our values and trying really hard with their learning.  This will go alongside our class marble jar reward system which has been working really well. The children gain marbles when the whole class is being our values, when the marble jar is full the class get to choose a whole class treat. 


The Barn Owls Team