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Autumn 2020




Shape Fun!


We have had lots of fun this week learning about 2D shapes! We have been making pictures with shapes, making Christmas shape pictures, sorting shapes and describing them! 


We've also been learning to tell the story 'Dear Santa' with storytelling actions and a story map. Barn Owl class are learning the story really well! Well done Barn Owls! 


The Barn Owl Class Team 




Rumble in the Jungle!

We've had a fun week of learning based on the story Rumble in the Jungle by Giles Andreae!


The children have been making models of animals from the book with play dough, Sticklebricks and Duplo, they've been sorting animals into their different categories and finding Africa in the atlas! We have also been learning the names of the other 6 continents using a fun song! Perhaps you could ask your child about them? 


In Maths this week, we have been learning to find one more and adding using lots of different resources. We have been using part, part wholes, ten frames and objects to find our answers and represent our problems. 


We have been having lots of fun in phonics learning lots of new sounds and practising our reading and writing! 


In our Forest Friends session we planted daffodil bulbs this week! We look forward to nurturing them and seeing them grow! 


The Barn Owls Team 




Giraffes Can't Dance

This week we have had lots of fun learning about Gerald the giraffe in our story of the week! We have been learning lots about jungle animals! We've been drawing giraffes, building them and 


In Maths, we have started to learn about addition. We have been learning to add one more and to add two numbers together in lots of fun ways! 


In Phonics, we've all been learning different sounds in our different groups. Barn Owl Class have been trying so hard to learn their sounds and read and write words! Wow! 


The Barn Owl Team




Poppy Day!

Barn Owl class came into school in their red clothes today and we learnt about Poppy Day/Remembrance Day. The children were fabulous and sat in silence for the whole 2 minutes at 11am. They showed our school value Respect and could talk about why we have a 2 minute silence and wear poppies by the end of the day. Remembrance day has been very different for us in school this year but to still make it significant to the children they decorated their own poppy stone which the children really enjoyed. Thank you to all parents for supporting us by dressing your children in red and paying a pound donation for the poppy appeal. 


This week in Maths we have been learning how to order numbers! We have had great fun doing this in lots of different ways including using carpet tiles, duplo bricks with numbers on, cutting and sticking, hen number cards and ordering socks in our home corner! The Year Ones have also tried ordering numbers in 2s! Wow!


In Phonics this week we have been learning lots of new sounds in our different Read, Write Inc groups. We have been enjoying reading and writing activities as well including using chalks, playdough and magnetic letters to write letters and words! 


Another super week of learning in Barn Owl Class!

The Barn Owls Team




Handa's Surprise! 


We have had a wonderful week learning more about the story Handa's Surprise! This week we have created a story map to help us to learn the story to be able to re-tell it ourselves with actions to help us. Once we have learnt it we will make sure we share a video of this on Tapestry! 


This week we have introduced Plan, Do, Review to the children. We have explained to the children that we will PLAN what we want to learn in our learning through play sessions, we will DO our learning and then we will REVIEW our learning at the end of the session and talk about what was easy, what was tricky, what we had to change or what we would need to do to make it even better next time!  In our Plan, Do, Review time we have been enjoying lots of playful activities linked to our current topic. The children have been learning to paint pictures of Handa's basket of fruit, labelling the fruits in her basket, creating African music with the African instruments and lots more! The children have been getting even better at making good choices during this Plan, Do, Review sessions to help them to learn through their play! 


In Maths this week we have been learning how to count objects and match them to numerals. The children have been counting lots of different things to make learning fun and playful! They have been counting fruit, animals, pom poms and more! 


In Phonics this week, some of the children have been learning how to learn together in partners to read books together. This is part of a new story book lesson they will complete daily to help them learn to read. The children have been showing our school value of Kindness and learning well as a team! The Reception children have been enjoying lots of fun reading and writing activities including reading words and matching them to pictures, writing their sounds in chalks, paint sticks, whiteboards, learning sheets and cutting and sticking pictures to match words. Wow! 


We've had a great first week of learning in our new Autumn half term! 

The Barn Owl Class Team 



Starting School!

We have had a fantastic first week in school. We were delighted to welcome back the lovely Year One children and to meet our new Reception children who have all made a very confident start to school! The children have been learning all of the new routines and have been getting to know their new learning environment. We are so lucky to have our new classroom and outdoor area. We have lots of space both indoors and outdoors for the children to play and learn. It has been wonderful to get to know the children this week and we are excited to get to know them more over the next few weeks! 




Barn Owl Art!


This week we have had another fantastic week of learning! The children have been enjoying lots of owl themed activities including creating owl pictures using a variety of different materials; they have used leaves and paper to create their masterpieces! They have been making nests in our outdoor area for owls as well and have created some lovely homes! 


Barn Owl class have been ordering numbers this week with lots of different fun number cards. They have been trying so hard and have amazed us with their super number knowledge! 


The children have been enjoying more rhyming activities this week and have been having fun playing our game 'Silly Soup' as part of a group and during their choosing time. Perhaps you could ask them to teach you the song at home and you could have a go with objects around the house? 


The Barn Owls Team 




All About Me!

We have had a wonderful time learning this week! We have been learning about ourselves and have enjoyed lots of birthday themed activities too! The children have painted self-portraits of themselves which are fabulous!


We have been playing phonics games each day and the children have met a new addition to our class - Fred the Frog! Fred is a very fun new member of our class, he is going to help us learn to read and write. Fred only talks in sound talk which will really help us in our learning to hear all of the sounds in words. 


We have been very busy making play dough this week to be able to start our 'Dough Disco' next week! The children will each have their own tub of dough and will use the dough to help make their fingers strong which will help them with their writing!


We have introduced our house points to the children this week. They are all in a colour team and will be earning house points for being our values and trying really hard with their learning.  This will go alongside our class marble jar reward system which has been working really well. The children gain marbles when the whole class is being our values, when the marble jar is full the class get to choose a whole class treat. 


The Barn Owls Team 



Dough Disco Fun!

This week we have started our daily 'Dough Disco' time. These are fun and energetic sessions where the children use their homemade dough to make different shapes whilst their fingers 'dance' to some fun music! This will make their fingers super strong which will make their writing even better too! 


We have started our Read, Write Inc phonics lessons this week! The children have been trying so hard and have had lots of fun learning their sounds this week! Perhaps you could ask them each day what their sound of the day was? Keep an eye on their bookbags as we may be sending things home to help the children to learn their sounds! More information to follow soon.


This week in our Maths lessons we have had a number of the day! The children have been learning how to read/recognise the number, write it and count to it! We have been enjoying watching a daily Number Blocks clip too to help us learn and have fun learning about numbers! Maybe you could ask your child what the number of the day was and try some fun activities at home? 


We have been continuing to learn about ourselves, this week we have been learning about our bodies. We have enjoyed listening to the story Funnybones which has helped us to learn about the different parts of our bodies. We have been learning a skeleton dance which has been great fun! 


The Barn Owls Team



Handa's Surprise! 

This week we have read the story Handa's Surprise! The children all enjoyed the story and found it funny that there were some cheeky animals stealing Handa's fruit from her basket! We have talked about our favourite fruits to help us stay healthy and have painted our favourite fruits too! The children have also been using the story sack to act out the story with masks and props! 

We have been continuing to learn about ourselves and our bodies, learning which foods are good for us and which foods should only be a treat!

It has been another fun week learning in Barn Owl Class!

The Barn Owls Team