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Handa's Surprise! 04.11.20

Handa's Surprise! 


We have had a wonderful week learning more about the story Handa's Surprise! This week we have created a story map to help us to learn the story to be able to re-tell it ourselves with actions to help us. Once we have learnt it we will make sure we share a video of this on Tapestry! 


This week we have introduced Plan, Do, Review to the children. We have explained to the children that we will PLAN what we want to learn in our learning through play sessions, we will DO our learning and then we will REVIEW our learning at the end of the session and talk about what was easy, what was tricky, what we had to change or what we would need to do to make it even better next time!  In our Plan, Do, Review time we have been enjoying lots of playful activities linked to our current topic. The children have been learning to paint pictures of Handa's basket of fruit, labelling the fruits in her basket, creating African music with the African instruments and lots more! The children have been getting even better at making good choices during this Plan, Do, Review sessions to help them to learn through their play! 


In Maths this week we have been learning how to count objects and match them to numerals. The children have been counting lots of different things to make learning fun and playful! They have been counting fruit, animals, pom poms and more! 


In Phonics this week, some of the children have been learning how to learn together in partners to read books together. This is part of a new story book lesson they will complete daily to help them learn to read. The children have been showing our school value of Kindness and learning well as a team! The Reception children have been enjoying lots of fun reading and writing activities including reading words and matching them to pictures, writing their sounds in chalks, paint sticks, whiteboards, learning sheets and cutting and sticking pictures to match words. Wow! 


We've had a great first week of learning in our new Autumn half term! 

The Barn Owl Class Team