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Home learning

Spring 1 January 2021 



Day 1

Read the Superhero fact files (you might need some help)

Have a chat about the writing: 

Who are the main characters?  

Where is the story set?  

What kind of story is it? 

What's unusual about the way the author has decided to tell the story?

Did you like the story? Why?

What is your favourite part? 


Day 2


Complete the 'Vocabulary challenge 1' worksheet  


Day 3


Complete the 'Vocabulary challenge 2' worksheet 


Day 4


Complete the 'Vocabulary challenge 3' worksheet 



Vocabulary challenge 1

Vocabulary challenge 2

Vocabulary Challenge 3

Maths - Multiplication


Day 1    January 2021

Recognising equal groups

1. Watch this power point :

2. See if you can make your own equal groups using different objects. 

Count out 10 objects and sort them into 2 equal groups-how many objects are in each group?

Count out 8 objects and sort them into 2 different equal groups-how many objects are there in each group?

Now count out 12 objects -sort them into 3 equal groups-how many objects are in each group?

Can you use the 12 objects to make different equal groups? How many different groups did you make?

Can you draw your own pictures of different equal groups, using 20 objects-how many different equal groups hove you made?

Challenge: See if you can find a number of objects that make the more than 5 different equal groups.


Spring 1 Maths

Day 1 Make equal groups activity


Day 2

Making Equal Groups

1. Watch the video clip again  (Make equal groups)


2. Complete the assignment worksheet

Day 2 Make equal groups activity

Day 3 

Redistribute from unequal to equal groups


Redistribute from unequal to equal groups activity

Watch this video and then complete the assignment sheet

Assignment day 3

Day 4 

Adding equal groups

Watch the video and then complete the assignment

Add equal groups

Assignment Day 4

Science for week 1 Living Things and Habitats



Week 1  God's gift to people

BBC bitesize - Religious education-Christianity-God's gift to people (animation)

Watch the clip and discuss how the king might have felt when nobody came to his party. 

Ask the children about the parties they have held or attended. 

Were they exciting? Did they have nice food? Did they play games? How would they feel if their friends didn't come to their party? 

Discussion: What do you think the story was telling us about God?  (God thinks everyone is important and everyone is invited to be part of the Christian family.)



* Ask the children to think about planning a party (work with a partner if possible)

Who would they invite?

What would they eat?

What games would they play?


* Ask the children to design their own party invitation and give it to a friend.



Design Technology

If you are off school awaiting a Covid test, please find links to the Oak National Academy lessons.  Hopefully, this will enable you to keep learning at home.




Year 2 Maths:


Year 3 Maths: