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Welcome to Beaminster St Mary's Academy........

Home Learning

Please check your child's bag every Friday for their red homework book. There will be a piece of Math and phonics in their to complete over a week and to be returned the following Thursday. 


Please continue to read with your child everyday even if it's only two pages. Every little bit helps! I check their reading records every morning so please ensure you write a comment in them and what page they are on. 


Ask your child questions such as...

What do you think this book will be about and why? look on the front cover for clues. Get your child to explain what is happening.Get them to answer back in a full sentence eg: I think the book Peter Rabbit is going to be about rabbits because there is a rabbit on the front. I also think that the rabbit is going to go on an adventure with his friends because.... etc.

Can you describe this character? Describe what they are wearing? How to you think they feel? Why do you think that?

Can your child tell you about what they have just read? or what they read to you the day before? 

Ask them what does this word mean? How do you know? Can you explain it a bit more? Have you ever done.... before? Have you read a book that is similar to this one?


All these questions are so important to your childs learning and widening their vocabulary as well as deepening their understanding of words and books.



Keep up the great home learning. We will work together as a team so if you have any questions, please come and ask no matter how little they might seem.


Thank You

Mrs Raybould