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Home Learning

24th September

Please practice holding your pencil correctly and writing simple sentences. Aim for one sentence a day!


Mathletics is now up and running. Please complete the given sections.

5th October

Year 1

Please continue to read with your child daily and discuss the text.

All children are trying really hard to hold their pencil correctly, please keep supporting this at home.

See if your child can say the alphabet in particular work on 'l,m,n,o,p' section.

Practice counting to 100 and back from any number. 



Please continue to practice and write sounds s,a,t,p,i,n,m,d,g,o,c,k as well as sounding and blending CVC words. 

For example: sat, cat, pat, nap, cap, got, cot, did, pig


Please practice counting to 10 and recognising the numbers in different orders.

Can you child count to correct number of objects to match the number? Do they know one more or one less? 



Home Learning Ideas

Home Learning Ideas 1
Home Learning Ideas 2
Home Learning Ideas 3
Home Learning Ideas 4