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Message from one of our parents.

I just wanted to let everyone at the school know how impressed I was on Sunday at the Swimarathon.  The children who took part behaved brilliantly throughout the morning.  They were sensible and organised, and took initiative when they were in the pool, taking it in turns to swim up and down for 55 minutes.  They didn't tire, get bored or distracted, and none of them stopped swimming for the full 55 minutes. The teamwork and encouragement they showed to each other really was heartwarming and they were a credit to the school.  

There were also several younger siblings from lower in the school among the spectators and they also behaved wonderfully even though they couldn't join in with the swimming (this time).  They all sat nicely, watched and cheered on all the teams, not just the ones from Beaminster St Mary's.  

Mrs Denny and Mr Pinney did an excellent job of looking after the children, making sure they all had water to drink, giving them continuous encouragement and really making sure all the children had a great time.  Mrs Woodrow was great with the kids in the water.  She managed to keep an eye on all of the children whilst also taking part in the event and swimming to raise money.  Excellent multi-tasking.  I could see that between the 3 staff members and Laura Cornish who stepped up to help (went and bought a swimming costume from reception when she realised a team was 1 member short) they gave so much encouragement to the children and it really showed in their performance and behaviour.

I hope the children and staff are as proud of themselves as I was of them on Sunday.  They were a prefect advertisement for what a lovely school community we have at Beaminster St Marys and I can't wait for the Swimarathon next year!!!  Well done everyone.  Keep up the excellent work!!!



Amy Monks

Parent / governor