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Wishing all our children and parent a lovely summer, we look forward to seeing you all back on Monday 7th September 2020. Check out our virtual tour under our School

Our Challenges

Our Summer time writing challenge:


We have been learning the story of Jack and the Beanstalk and know the text really well. As a class we have created a story map and learned the story with actions. We then changed the story to Jack and the Ivy and instead of the giant shouting "fee fi fo fum", he shouts "me mi mo mum!"

Your writing challenge for this half term is to draw a story map or write the story of Jack and the Ivy, showing the changes we made to the original text or alternatively you can draw a picture of the new story Jack and the Ivy and label your picture.


It is a writing challenge so it must contain some attempt at written sounds and we encourage the children to sound out and write independently where ever possible, this is more useful for their learning than having an adult scribe for them. If your child/ren has a go at writing and it is not clear, ask them to read it back to you and then you can scribe their words if you choose to. 


Thank you and we look forward to your stories!

Miss Rogers 


This half term Wren Class have been looking at stories set in castles.


Firstly, a HUGE well done to everyone in Wren who completed the half term challenge. 88% of the class brought in their writing challenge and all their work is being turned in to a book titled "Who lives here..."


The next writing challenge is to design your own castle and describe or label it. You might wish to build or draw a castle and bring it in to show the class, or build something at home and take a photograph. You might like to think about, draw or write about who lives in your castle as well. Is it a dark, spooky castle with a lonely giant in it? A pink, sparkly castle with a princess and her pet unicorn? Is it make of sweets and chocolate? Does it have a secret room?


We can't wait to see your ideas. 

Please bring in your writing challenge by Monday 26th March. 




Wren class have been learning lots about 2D and 3D shapes this half term. We have been naming and describing the shapes and their properties, hunting for 'real world' shapes in the environment and making patterns using shapes. Therefore, the writing challenge is to demonstrate what they know about shapes. 

This could be in a range of ways including, but not exclusive too:

  • Drawing and naming the shapes
  • Taking pictures of shapes around them and talking about them with an adult (adult could scribe the child's words)
  • Making a pattern out of shapes and writing about their pattern
  • Making a tally chart of the number of shapes they can find around the house/garden/local area


Any other ideas for demonstrating their knowledge about shapes is encouraged and welcomed!

Good luck and happy writing Wrens :)