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Wishing all our children and parent a lovely summer, we look forward to seeing you all back on Monday 7th September 2020. Check out our virtual tour under our School


Following on from Rev. Jo's worship (below) about the Holly Trinity, I thought we could find out more...


Complete Rev Jo's “Three” treasure hunt. Have a look around your house or your garden for things that have the number 3 in, or have 3 sides, or have 3 leaves. What can you find? Is there a rose with 3 blooms on a stem? Or a plant with three leaves, or a tree with three branches? Where does the number 3 appear? Do you live at number 3? Are there 3 people in your house?

Explore as many things to do with 3 that you can. Take a photo, write a list or draw some of your objects.


Can you design your own symbol to represent the Trinity?