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With the guidance now changing from `key workers` to `critical workers` and with schools being asked to support all children to stay at home, to keep everyone safe , Beaminster St Mary's Academy is now in a position to close, which is fully supported by our Trust (DSAT). As a school we wanted to stay open as long as possible to support our families, however, the need to keep the children, their families and the staff safe, is of paramount importance and a key priority for us.

Teddy's Adventures

Over the half term Ted went on a very special trip.

He packed his towel.... 

... and his sunglasses laugh

... and his bucket and spade.


Ted went to Weymouth with Miss Chant!

He spent the week enjoying the sights and sounds of Weymouth, had a Halloween party with Miss Chant's niece and even found time to send Wren class a postcard.



It sounds like you had loads of fun Ted. I wonder where you'll go for the Christmas holidays?

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