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Beaminster Museum COVID Challenge

This week our history is all about living during the lockdown. Beaminster Museum are creating a Covid 19 time capsule.  They would like to collect your experiences of lockdown which will then be placed into a time capsule in the museum.  The capsule will be opened in 100 years time - you'll be 107!


Your Challenge is to write to the future people of Beaminster explaining what it was like for you during lockdown.  You could talk about these things: 


- not being able to go to school.

-having to stay at home.

- creating rainbow pictures

- clapping in the street at 8:00 on a Thursday.

- not being able to get toilet roll!


What you include is up to you! The Challenge is also linked to our writing activities for the week so any work from there can be included too. 


Do send us any of your work and then we will pass it on to the museum to be placed inside the time capsule! What an exciting opportunity to be a part of! :) 


Time Capsule Pictures

Here is an example from World War 2 about life in Beaminster.