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It is lovely having all our children back at school, please can we ask all parents to make sure that you know your allocated drop off and pick up times - Check out our virtual tour under our School

Writing for the Museum

Beaminster Museum are creating a Covid 19 time capsule.  The aim is to collect residents experiences of lockdown which will then be placed into a capsule in the museum.  The capsule will be opened in 100 years time - you'll be 110!


Your Challenge is to write to your descendants explaining what it was like for you during lockdown.  You might talk about...


- not being able to go to school.

-having to stay at home.

- creating rainbow pictures

- clapping in the street at 8:00 on a Thursday.

- not being able to get toilet roll!


Here is an example from someone living in Beaminster in World War 2


What you include is up to you! I would love to receive any which I will pass on to the museum.



Pictures of Time Capsules