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With the guidance now changing from `key workers` to `critical workers` and with schools being asked to support all children to stay at home, to keep everyone safe , Beaminster St Mary's Academy is now in a position to close, which is fully supported by our Trust (DSAT). As a school we wanted to stay open as long as possible to support our families, however, the need to keep the children, their families and the staff safe, is of paramount importance and a key priority for us.


Our School Brochure

For further information on admission to Beaminster St Mary's Academy, please read our Admission policy or contact the school office on 01308 862201.  

If you would like your child to attend our school, please find full details on the Dorsetforyou website under School Admissions, you can click on the link below to start your online application.

Parent's Guide to appeals

Our school catchment includes the following area:

Our school catchment includes the following area: 1