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At Beaminster St Mary’s Academy, we are committed to ensuring that our children in EYFS are inspired, engaged and motivated in their learning, so that they have robust foundations to support them, on their journey of exploration and success!


We are passionate about providing learning opportunities which are closely matched to the children’s abilities, personalities and interests and for this reason, we do not follow a long term overview of planning.


Our highly experienced team, use detailed formative and summative assessments to complete regular gap and strength analysis reports. These reports support the team to celebrate strengths and to identify gaps in the children’s learning. This information, alongside the children’s interests, informs the direction of learning for the children.


At Beaminster St Mary’s Academy, we are dedicated to ensuring our children have an inspirational and engaging learning environment to support them to be happy and to succeed. Our detailed observations, assessments and planning, ensures that all children are provided with opportunities to acquire new skills and independently apply them within our continuous provision. We are driven and aspirational for all of  our children and ensure that all children are happy, safe and have a thirst for learning and success.