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Mathematics at Beaminster St Mary’s


At Beaminster St Mary’s, we aim to instill a fascination for Maths and foster an enduring love of number and the manipulation of numbers. Through engaging, real life anchor tasks, children develop an appreciation for the practical uses of Maths, as well as its aesthetic nature.


A key focus of our learning is the use of concrete manipulatives – physical objects that expose the underlying mathematical concepts - helping our children to recognise that Maths is a search for pattern and relationship.


We believe real Maths is about conjecturing, verifying, debating and articulating, so our classrooms reflect this, with our lessons packed full of opportunities for mathematical thinking and discussion. We want to help pupils to understand that Maths is a powerful tool for communication.


With carefully planned support and challenge, we support pupils to become active, confident mathematicians, providing opportunities for pupils to demonstrate and use their Maths in everyday situations. We encourage pupils to take responsibility for their own learning, take pride in their own mathematics, and take the initiative to get themselves ‘unstuck’ when things get tricky!


Beaminster St Mary’s 8 principles for an enriched and connected curriculum:


  1. In your element – Play with numbers, notice new patterns and get creative. Throw out the rulebook and have some fun.  
  2. In your hands - You are responsible for your own mathematics learning so challenge yourself. Tomorrow’s mathematics is in your hands…
  3. In your mind -  Mathematics is like the gym for your brain. Stretch yourself, learn to think in new ways, and see the world in a different way.    
  4. In your imagination -  Mathematics isn’t something someone else invented. The maths that you can do is as boundless as your imagination. Be brave and carve your own path!
  5. In your heart – Mathematics can be shared, whoever you are and wherever you come from. Love, respect and listen to each other’s ideas, and challenge each other with kindness.
  6. In your world –  Mathematics is universal, and through it we can better understand and tackle the issues that unite and affect us across the world.
  7. In your community – The town you live in, the people who live in it – all connected by the same numbers. Going shopping, reading the news, baking a cake; everyone is doing their own maths somewhere.
  8. In your future -  Being a mathematical thinker makes you adaptable, which is important because you need to be ready to do the jobs that haven’t even been invented yet!

Maths Policy 2020-21