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Welcome to Beaminster St Mary's Academy........


Our designated SENDCo is Mrs Sam Harris who is always willing to discuss any queries that you may have regarding your child, their needs and their education.  Do make an appointment through the school office on 01308 862201 or via email on 

Our designated governor for SEND is Mrs Jess Teasdale. 

Special Educational Needs & Disability Provision

From September 2014, there is a new Code of Practice in place. (The previous Code of Practice was published in 2001, and this sets out the requirements for all settings for all children with additional needs and their support.) The Code of Practice is a government document which applies to all schools nationally.

There are some quite significant changes in the Code of Practice for all children and their families nationally.

Please rest assured that, at this stage regardless of the new terminology or processes that will come into effect; we know your children very well and recognise their needs here at school. We will continue to support them in every way we can, as we currently do, and they will benefit from the updated Code of Practice in their futures.

For further information at this time, I would encourage you to keep a close eye on the SEND section of our school website, and also on the Dorset for You  On this site, in the very near future, you will be able to access to Dorset’s local offer.  We have written our School Offer (which sets out all the supports and provisions available for staff to use in their tool-kits for supporting children within our school) and this is available on the school website

With all this in mind, we are holding on to the fact that our children will not change, nor will the support they need!