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Design and Technology

Design and Technology at Beaminster St Mary’s Academy


Design and Technology is an inspiring, rigorous and practical subject that encourages children to learn to think and intervene creatively to solve problems, both as individuals and as members of a team.


At Beaminster St Mary’s, we encourage children to use their creativity and imagination, to design and make products that solve real and relevant problems within a variety of contexts.


We aim to, wherever possible, link work to other topics in the wider curriculum and to disciplines such as mathematics, science, computing and art.  This gives the learning purpose and relevance to the children.

Through a variety of imaginative, relative and practical activities we teach the knowledge, understanding and skills needed to engage in an interactive process of designing, making and evaluating.



Beaminster St Mary’s 8 principles for an enriched and connected curriculum:


In your element - You excel, you thrive, you have fun, and you succeed.  Find your element, trust yourself, give it a try, you will love it! You are all full of amazing ideas and have wonderful imaginations. Designing and making is so much fun and so rewarding, allow yourself to dream and who knows what you can achieve!


  In your hands – You are responsible for your learning.  You can discover new ways to express your ideas by exploring new techniques and materials and by opening your mind to your own inventiveness. You too can be an inventor, an innovator and you too can change the world!


In your mind – There are no right or wrong ways to express yourself in your designs.  Believe in yourself, try new techniques, experiment, then your will grow in skill, confidence and pride. Your mind is full of brilliant ideas, you are inventive and creative, keep pushing yourself to find new ways to overcome problems, improve your skills and achieve your goals.


In your imagination - You can create a whole new amazing world, through new designs and new inventions!  As your skills develop you can find new ways to make your ideas come true, so that your imagination and dreams can become reality.


In your heart – Designing and making is so much fun.  Seeing an idea develop and become a real concrete object is exciting and fulfilling. Finding ways to overcome problems by persevering and adapting your ideas is so rewarding and satisfying.  Be brave, you can do it!


In your world – You world is full of new things and new ways of looking at how we live.  Through your learning in design technology you have the power to be part of that change and development.  You can find innovative ways to build and create, to change the world in the future.


In your community – Design technology is the perfect opportunity for you to work with others to share ideas, and develop your design skills.  It gives you the chance to learn from others and work through problems collaboratively.  By talking through each stage together and then by being able to celebrate and share your achievements and successes with your partner is truly rewarding.


In your future – Your can change the world!  Through DT you can find a way to express your responses to the world around you, improving and advancing the way you and others live.  Your dreams today can become tomorrow’s reality. Keep dreaming, keep designing!