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Happy Easter

Dear Parents/Carers, 
I hope this email finds you all well in these continued unprecedented times. 
A huge thank to all for all of the photographs and messages which we are receiving regarding the home learning, it has been so lovely for us to see and you are all being wonderful! Please do not worry if you haven't done this, it is not a requirement, it is just an added bonus for us as a school!
I have added a `Home Learning` section on the school website which outlines how the home learning will continue after the Easter break as well as having some helpful documents to support online learning.
The school office have contacted you all to check that you can access online learning, if you haven't already, please can you respond to this email as this will help us to know if we need to investigate other ways of supporting home learning. Please can I take this opportunity to stress that all home learning documents are produced as a guidance to support you at home, if you have any questions or concerns regarding this, please do not hesitate to contact on the provided email addresses.
The teachers are in the process of adding Easter challenges for your children to complete over Easter, please note, that these are optional.
As a school team, despite the school being physically closed, we are continuing to work hard behind the scenes, including: supporting vulnerable families through regular contact, responding to parental emails, preparing online learning documents and developing the school curriculum. The office staff are working hard to support FSM procedures as well as continuing with the daily routines to ensure that the school runs smoothly, albeit it remotely! The Teaching Assistants are completing online CPD courses which will enhance out provision once the school is reopened. I am incredibly proud of everything that we are doing and I very much appreciate everyone's hard work and dedication.
Taking into consideration the above, I feel that it is important for the school staff to take some time over the Easter break to have a rest so that we can hit the ground running for the next phase, whatever that may entail. Therefore, we will continue to support our vulnerable families as we have been doing but teachers will be accessing their emails, less frequently over the Easter period, although they will still be checked.
Thank you so much for your continued support and for staying at home, when you can, to keep everyone safe!
With very best wishes and `Happy Easter`
Mrs Barnett 
Mrs Carys Barnett

Tel: 01308 862201