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Message for Mrs Barnett

Dear Parents/Carers, 
As you are most likely aware, the Government made an announcement last night, to say that all school's in England will be closed from tomorrow. However, childcare provision will be put in place for the children of key workers and support will be provided to children who have an EHCP or who are deemed vulnerable.
All schools are waiting (as patiently as possible) for clarification, from the Government, on which roles fall into the `key workers` category. Once we have that information, we will ascertain which of our parents that applies to and then we will know what level of childcare and support we need to offer.
Whilst we are waiting for the clarification of this information, as a school we have done the following:
1) Written a draft provision plan 
2) Created learning packs for all of the children, which will come home with them today. If your child is currently off, these packs will be sent in the post.
3) Planned online activities through Reading Eggs and Mathletics and the class website pages - a more detailed letter will be emailed out tomorrow. 
We are doing everything possible to support our children and their families, whilst also supporting the families of our staff members.
Thank you for your continued support and understanding at this time.
With very best wishes
Mrs C Barnett 

Mrs Carys Barnett



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