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Parent Questionnaires

Spring questionnaire 2016


Thank you to those of you who took the time to fill out the spring questionnaire.  We received over 70 completed questionnaires, which is fantastic.  It was lovely to read the positive comments about our school.  One comment received from a parent said Pleased with the changes to the look of the school inside and out.  Very pleased with the children’s teacher and seeing them develop.  Like how all teachers support each other.


It was wonderful to see how many children are happy at school, with a combined percentage for strongly agree or agree, coming out at 97%. Also, 99% said that their child has a positive attitude towards school and wants to do well.


As always, it is helpful for us to receive your feedback about aspects of the school that could be improved.  Comments received were that communication from the school is improving but needs to be more timely, allowing people to book time off work to attend events or to prepare costumes.  


If you have any concerns about your child, please ensure that you speak to their class teacher or Mrs Goodinson.  If you would like the opportunity to speak to a Local Governing Board member or would like to find out about joining or helping on the Parents, Teachers and Friends Association (PTFA) please contact the school office. 


The full results are can be found on the school’s website.  Congratulations to the children who won the raffle ticket entry and received an Easter egg.


Thank you for the support you have shown to the school.  When asked would recommend St Mary’s to another parent, the combined percentage for strongly agree or agree came out at 99%.


Jessica Teasdale

Local Governing Board Chair


Analysis from the Spring 2016 Parent Questionnaire