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E- Safety

Internet safety tips to help you keep your children safe online.

Safe internet use advice for your child

  • Develop some ground rules about how the internet should be used in your home
  • Internet and webcam access should be in a family room
  • Be aware that devices such as gaming consoles or mobile phones can access the internet, via a neighbour's wireless network
  • Open up dialogue with your children to learn the services and websites they use, get them to teach you
  • Do not publish personal information online, activate security and privacy settings on social networking sites
  • Think carefully about the information and pictures posted on profiles, once published online, anyone can change or share these images.
  • Do not accept friends online with people you do not know in the 'real world'
  • Agree rules about meeting online 'friends' in real life
  • Always keep communication open for a child to know that it's never too late to tell someone if something makes them feel uncomfortable
  • Parental monitoring systems are available, along with anti virus/spyware
  • If you are concerned about something that may have happened online it can be reported via the CEOP website
  • Check out the resources that have been developed for families via the related links section, activities and advice are available from age five


Raising awareness of keeping children safe online is the aim for Dorset Police and the Safe Schools and Communities Team (SSCT) with support from Dorset County Council.

The DSCB E-safety sub group and Managers within Dorset's Inclusion Services have recognised that some groups of young people may be more vulnerable to the risks posed by digital technology and associated developments.

Know Your Friends with Josh & Sue

An animation looking at how to protect yourself online.

Chelsea's Choice

Trailer for AlterEgo's CSE Awareness Raising play 'Chelsea's Choice'. The play has now been seen by over 100,000 young people and hundreds of professionals that work with young people throughout the UK.

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